March 20, 2023

When beginning a new project like this, there’s always a little bit of fear that drives its production. That is certainly true of my relationship with Pink Disco. My initial desire to start a literature and arts magazine that explored and celebrated sex, sexuality, and the body was pretty simple and fairly selfish. I wanted to read those works and I couldn’t find them. At least, with a few rare exceptions, it was difficult to find a diverse spectrum of voices collected in one single volume. But as the submissions started coming in, my fear was abated, and a genuine enthusiasm took its place.

I hope you’ll agree with me that what you’ll find here is an exciting collection of voices celebrating our most fundamental natures. Some of these pieces are quite funny while others are haunting. But they all feel true and real in an attempt to gaze upon who we are when confronting our own, and others’, carnality.

Of course, a project like this takes collaboration. First, I want to sincerely thank all of our contributors, those you’ll find here and those you won’t, who sent in work. It takes a good degree of trust to submit to a start-up in the hopes that the thing they are building will come to fruition. I also want to thank our editors who helped build this issue: Corey Crawford-Hine, Karen Alexander, and Kim Daggett. Without their hard work and feedback, Pink Disco would still be an idea rolling around in my head. Finally, of course, I want to thank you for paying attention and deciding to come along and play with us.
Ace Boggess
Sex Tape
How Much Would You Pay...
Andrea Fogel
Behold a Pale Horse
A Mere Body
Jacklyn Henry
splitting hairs
Ami` Laree Hanna-Huff
Open Me Up
Wess Mongo Jolley
Sweet Physician
Smolder and Spark
LindaAnn LoSchiavo
Vagina as Orchid Boat
The Crust
Soda Jerk
Sticky Figs
Rondeau: If Roebling Made Brassieres
Welton B. Marsland
The Love We Make
Francis Rozon
my nightwood
Flash Fiction
Morris McClennan
Gay Transgender Sex Opera
Harry Neil
Chelsea Morning
Hurrah for Science
Sadie Scotch
Dear Steven Hard
Matthew Anderson
Of Spilled Milk
Dayna Brown Dolan
R. M. McDonald
I Felt Him Through the Blindfold
Robyn Michaels
How I Learned About Sex From my Father
Creative Non-Fiction
Callie S. Blackstone
The Rain is Coming and It Will Wash Everything Away
Valerie Chatindo
The Velvet Flower
Visual Art
Anthony Acri
The Cigarette Girl
Janelle Crawford-Hine
The High Priestess